What is Spaindise?

Spaindise is not just a company. It's different. Spaindise has more than 15 years of experience in architecture, environmental and urban planning, and legal advice in the real estate business. With such a long experience in this field, Spaindise can offer the foreign buyer of a property in Spain all the guarantees of being well informed and advised before carrying out the purchase of a property.


Spaindise can also offer you an insight into the Spanish way of life, offering you all its variations and, ultimately helping you make that choice of where to buy your Spanish paradise home.

The Team ...

Spaindise is backed up by many  professionals and collaborators in related fields of expertise. The team is directed by Eduardo and Susana.

Eduardo Chicharro has a Bachelor of Science in Geology, specializing in geological, environmental and stratigraphy engineering. He furthered his education through a specialized university course in Urban Planning and Environmental development. He has more than 15 years of experience developing and coordinating environmental projects closely related to urbanism, engineering and urban planning.



Susana Pastora is an Australian living in Spain. She enjoys and understands the country, its people and language. As a computer science engineer, and with more than 15 years of experience in Information Technology, she gives Spaindise a cutting edge in the social network arena. She manages various projects all within the fields of Social Networking consulting and proofreading of academic texts written in English. She works closely with clients. Her language skills and natural intuitiveness is greatly valved when working with clients from other countries and languages.