Information that buyers will need

All companies in the business of offering, promoting and advertising homes must keep the following information available to the public:

Building your future
Building your future

  • Name and address of the seller, whether it’s a person or a company, and if they are registered, then the particular details of the registration at the Mercantile Registry.


  • Dimensioned drawing of the building, signed by the constructor. A general floor plan of the property and surroundings, plus a description and schematic diagrams of water, gas, heating and energy systems installed and their  warrantee. If available, any fire security measures installed in the building.


  • Description of the building / house such as number of bedrooms, common areas, service areas. Also a reference to the materials used to build the home, including sound and heat insulation, and the materials used in the building.


  • Instructions on how to use and maintain any installed equipment that requires care or special knowledge, and instructions on evacuating the building in case of an emergency. The particulars of the property’s entry in the Property Registry, or a statement that the property has not been entered. Total price of the home and accessory services, and payment terms.