The smallest beach in the world.

This could be the world's weirdest beach with it's crystal-clear saltwater, golden sand and even waves... yet it's in the middle of a meadow!

At high tide, Gulpiyuri beach is a wonderful place for kids and adults to take a dip. At low tide, Gulpiyuri Beach is a great place to sunbathe but it also offers a chance to see a natural sinkhole created when a sea cave collapsed in on itself. Over time, a white sandy beach lagoon was formed and now Gulpiyuri Beach in Llanes is listed as a natural monument by the Principality of Asturias. Llanes is a small town on the north central coast of Asturias.

 You won’t see the vast ocean along the shores here but instead, the sight of a gorgeous little cove will greet you.

Gulpiyuri Beach is a shell shaped little beach located in the middle of a grassy meadow. The beach is located 100 meters from the sea but connected by a network of underground caves over millions of years the waves eroded a series of tunnels under the cliffs which connect to the beach.

You will also find a number of explorable caves in the immediate area making Gulpiyuri Beach and it’s surroundings a “must see” for anyone visiting Asturias.

Nevertheless, it’s a beach where waves still lap up against the shore as water from the Bay of Biscay continues to enter through the underground caves. While the beach is only 40 meters in length, there are occasionally surf in the shallow water. The nearest town is Naves in the council of Llanes.