Skiing in Spain

Spain isn't most people's first choice when it comes to skiing. But with ski resorts in five distinct regions of the country, skiing in Spain is hot stuff. Well, not literally. There are more than 35 ski stations all over the country. The sport is practiced from December till April. With more than 1000 km of ski trails and slopes Spain has a lot to offer.

For high class skiing in Spain, you can't beat the Pyrenees, with ski resorts all along the border with France. There’s nothing like the pleasure skiing on powder surrounded by glaciers in the Pyrenees.

While for the sheer novelty of skiing in the south of Spain and being able to go to the beach on the same day, the Sierra Nevada is perfect. At 3000m Sierra Nevada is the most southern ski resort in the whole of Europe.

There are also ski resorts at less than an hour from Madrid, making it a perfect place to enjoy sport and culture together.

And if you’re into Cross Country there’s nothing better than Baqueira Beret located in the heart of the Pyrenees, in the Aran Valley

Accommodations, be it hotel, second home or apreski have improved enormously in the last couple of years. The standards are high considering that Spain is a country more known for sunny holidays on the beach. As a result of its excellent weather, good transport system and an ample offer, skiing in Spain has become a first class option during the European Winter.

Why Ski in Spain?

  • Hardcore skiers in Europe will always head to the Alps to hit the slopes, but ski resorts in Spain have several advantages over their more famous cousins in Switzerland and Austria:
  • Skiing in Spain is cheaper than in most European resorts
  • Combine culture and skiing in a resort close to one of Spain's iconic cities
  • With numerous budget airlines flying to Spain, it is often more convenient to get to a Spanish ski station than to resorts in other countries.