Spanish Wildernes

There are thousands of caves scattered all across Spain. Some of the most famous and spectacular are these.

El Soplao Cave

El Soplao is the most spectacular cave of thousands located in the Cantabric Mountains. It’s located in the municipalities of Rionansa, Valdáliga and Herrerías in Cantabria, Spain. It is considered unique for the quality and quantity of geological formations in its 27 km length, of which 10 km are open to the public. Its formation dates back to the Mesozoic, in particular the Cretaceous period, 240 million years ago. The entrance to the cave is situated in the Sierra Soplao Arnero.

The cave was accidentally discovered during drilling for mining, and then subsequently being exploited for the extraction of minerals. During this long period many local families thrived on the income they got from mining, combined with livestock farming. El Soplao is just one of at least 6,500 underground caves in Cantabria.

The Nerja Caves

A trip to Andalucía would not be complete without a visit to the Nerja Caves, one of Spain’s most popular and spectacular historical sites.

The magnificent Nerja Caves – Cuevas de Nerja – are a series of huge caverns stretching for almost five kilometres and home to the world’s largest stalagmite, a 32 metre high column measuring 13 metres by 7 metres at its base.

The discovery

On January 12th 1959, five local lads from the village of Maro decided to go hunting for bats and headed for a pothole known locally as ‘La Mina’ where they spent the night watching a great number of these creatures exiting through the hole in the rocks.

The boys decided to return the next day, taking with them some tools to dislodge a couple of stalagtites in the entrance. Once inside, they  descended to a huge cavern where they discovered a number of skeletons next to some ceramic pottery.

Excited by their find, they went back to tell their family, friends and teachers but it wasn’t until the cave was visited by a medical expert and a photographer that the true extent of their discovery became apparent. Read more

Spanish National and Nature Parks

Spain has 15 National Parks, of which ten are on the mainland, one in the Balearic Islands and four in the Canary Islands. We have featured them all here together with some of the many Natural Parks.


Las Alpujarras
Las Alpujarras

A unique area situated between the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Costa Tropical coastline, shaped by the Moors before they were expelled in the 16th century, There are around 50 villages in the park area.

Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park

Stunning valleys, forests, meadows with wild flowers and one of the highest peaks in the Pyrenees complete with glacier.

Ordesa National Park
Ordesa National Park

Cabo de Gata Natural Park

Cabo de Gata
Cabo de Gata

An area of volcanic rock formations on the "Costa de Almeria" coastline. Read more>

Cazorla Natural Park

The largest protected area in Spain, and home to some stunning scenery. Read more>

Cazorla National Park
Cazorla National Park