What do we have to offer?

We want our web to be your reference point to finding what you need from Spain.

If you are looking for a place to buy your second home or you wish to come and live in our country, we can advise you on all aspects of housing, zoning, environmental and of course, the most important of all, the legal aspects of buying in Spain, often so difficult for the foreign buyer. Our helpful guide can make a rather complicated process simple and straight forward.

Thanks to our extensive network of clients, geographic mobility and experience we can offer up to date information on housing market opportunities in any of the many regions of Spain such as seaside, mountains, cities or villages. We can provide the latest news on the purchase of any type of residence be it a flat, a house, a cottage in the countryside or even a ranch or farm. We can even consult on the purchase of land so you can build your own home.

The services we offer to our customers are the following:

Legal assessment of  urbanistic questions - referring to the different uses of Land and its possible development within urban or rural areas.


Legal advice - assistances in all legal aspects referring to the buying /selling process of land, houses, plots, buildings, taxes, sanctions, morgages, notary, etc.

Architectural - design and planning, construction and building restoration.

Sustainability - aplication of sustainable techiques in urban projects and in house and  building constructions, etc. Use of sustainable energy resources such as  geothermal solar wind , reuse of water supplies, composting, etc.

Turnkey project - We can offer services that start from scratch, involving the process of finding the desired plot of land, building the house with all its architetural and legal permisions, and handing in the key with the First Occupancy Licence.

Real estate assets proceeding from the Banking System - As a result of our professional activities we can offer land and houses belonging to the mayor Spanish banks at excepcionally low prices.

Other services - Advise and help on many general aspects about life in Spain. These may range from different cultural habits in the many regions, to Education, Health Care System, Sports, Holidays and Fiestas, etc