What is Spaindise?

What is Spaindise?

Spaindise is a group of professionals who live in Spain and have more than 15 years of experience in architecture, environmental and urban planning, and legal advice in the real estate business. The group works across the whole of Spain and are experts in finding opportunities in the Spanish housing market as it is their prime operating field of work. 

They are not a Real Estate Agency. 

Spaindise can:

Help you find a flat, house, land or property in Spain

Negotiate with banks, owners and administrations on your behalf

Solve legal or administrative aspectos with your property in Spain

Provide you with a technical report on the state of the property in question. 

Provide you with the building project and carry out the construction of the property, keeping in mind energy efficiency and environmental impact.

Advise and help on many general aspects about buying a house or land in Spain, as well as education, health care system, transport systems, sports, festivities, etc